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Drug Charges

Never assume the prosecutor and the police are doing their jobs properly. A number of cases coming down from the Supreme Court highlight the problems associated with prosecuting people for drug crimes. William Chestnut has successfully handled hundreds of drug cases over a fourty year period. Don't be your own lawyer. Call William Chestnut.

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If you are facing drug charges, you need our drug possession attorney san jose fighting for your rights. Put our years of experience as an attorney for meth manufacturing san jose, cocaine possession attorney and attorney possession of marijuana to work for you. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation with our drug charges attorney san jose and find out how we can help you.

Free consultation with a drug possession attorney san jose. We are an experienced attorney for meth manufacturing charges, cocaine possession attorney and attorney possession of marijuana. Call our drug charges attorney san jose for qualified help.

Contact us today if you have been charged with drug possession in these major cities:

Alameda County
Alameda County, CA
Fremont, CA
Gilroy, CA
Hayward, CA

Milpitas, CA
Morgan Hill 
Morgan Hill, CA
Mountain View
Mountain View, CA
Palo Alto
Palo Alto, CA

Redwood City
Redwood City, CA
San Jose
San Jose, CA
San Mateo
San Mateo County
San Mateo County, CA
San Mateo, CA

Santa Clara
Santa Clara County
Santa Clara County, CA
Santa Clara, CA
South San Francisco
South San Francisco, CA
Sunnyvale, CA